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joi, 14 mai 2009

my poppy ...(e ultima cu maci pe acest an)

I Miss My Poppy

Today I heard a little voice, 
I turned and saw a tear, 
I asked what could be wrong,
He looked with words to share .
I really miss my poppy,
Can't wait for his return,
I then wiped away that little tear,
and my heart began to burn.
Such innocence a child has,
Love deep within his heart,
To shed a tear for dear old poppy,
Not wanting to be apart.
Your Poppy will be home real soon,
He'll hold you in his arms,
He'll hug and cuddle you,
And love you with his charm.
For everywhere that Poppy goes,
He takes you in his heart,
Cause your Poppy misses you dear too,
And never wants to be apart. 
So wipe away those tears now,
Put a smile on for Pop to see,
Because it means so much to him,
To see that you're happy.
Nanny I won't shed another tear,
Cause Poppy will soon be home,
I know that he will hold me tight,
We'll never again be alone.

3 comentarii:

  1. very sweet. is poppy the same word for papa in roumanian as it is in English? Your poppy is so delicate, fragile, pristine.

  2. no Margaret ,the word "papa" means in roumanian "a dish or to eat" or "nickname from dad" .
    Poppy in roumanian is translate "MAC" ...and sound lile duck (mac mac):)

  3. oh, well, guess it doesn't work in Roumanian! marg